Negative Keywords Enabled In Product Listing Ads

25 June 2012

Houston : Google Product Listing Ads and Product Targets, a new bidding and targeting technology feature that allows you to aim the products in your merchant center account into manageable groups, and to bid differently on those groups based on a number of attributes like brand and product type.

To help you get better with your performance with Product Listing Ads even further. Google has newly launched a new feature “negative keywords” to all U.S. advertisers.

Negative keywords for Product Listing Ads work in a similar way as they do with normal text-based search ads. Adding a negative keyword to your ad group or campaign means that your product listing ads won’t show for search queries containing that particular term.

“Using negative keywords, you can limit the chances that your ads will show on unrelated or low value queries. For e.g., if you sell fabrics, and not wool fabrics you can add the negative keyword [wool] to your Ad Group and your Product Listing Ads won’t show for any queries that contain the word [wool]”. The query for “fabrics” would trigger the ads, but a query for “wool fabrics” would not.

You can also run negative keywords across multiple campaigns using the negative keyword list feature.

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