How to Monetize When You Insert Video to WordPress

16 August 2013

Houston: Reaching across the globe, WordPress has become the world’s most well-known blogging platform. Though many people make use of this site to host their personal blogs, WordPress can be a very helpful tool for your business too. With over 362 million people seeing more than 10.7 billion pages every month, there is no scarcity of people.

Building a site is simple and you can employ it for much more than just blogging about your business. When you insert video to WordPress you can monetize your blog by promoting your products and services.

Create New and Excited Videos

As there are more than 68 million sites on WordPress, you have to ensure that yours shows up. People have become very familiar watching videos on a variety of topics. For this reason, you have to make your video something that they will keep in mind. You can keep it professional and still make it catchy, unique and flashy. Do not be scared to do something unusual. At times, different is just what your business requires for that extra boost you are seeking.

Connect Viewers

Once you get the viewer’s notice, the next step is maintaining it. This is where interactive applications come in handy. These applications allow you to insert text boxes, slide out bars and links to your videos. These additional tools keep the video appealing for the viewer and offer them extra information with just a click of a button. The more engaged the viewer is, the more he will continue to do business with you.

Call to Action using Interactive Applications

In order to have monetary value for your video, you must take in a call to action. These call to actions are decided by your goal for the viewer. Some alternatives include having the viewer speak to you, sign up for mailings, list for services and make purchases. You can do all of this with the easy incorporation of interactive applications. The applications make it feasible for the viewer to do hassle free business with you.

Tag Your Video Suitably

WordPress is all about keywords and tags. How you tag your video will really decide the number of views you obtain. These tags will not only come with WordPress searches, but with Google as well. Thus, with precise and well thought out keywords and tags, your blog will not only be viewed by others, but it will also be more likely to populate towards the top of the search page.

Take Benefit of Media Sharing

When you insert video to WordPress, the site has made it very easy for the video to be shared among viewers. You can do this by adding up the share buttons that they provide to you. These share buttons can be inserted directly under your video, allowing viewers to right away share your videos with their friends and family. A few of the websites they can share video to are Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google+ and Reddit. As the videos are shared they will be linked back to your WordPress. Since millions of people are on these sites each day, you must not have shortage of views and customers.

Together with the ease of adding video and the great number of people you can reach, you cannot go incorrect when you add video to WordPress.

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